Author's Notes:
The first of two drabbles that start more or less the same way but then go in different directions, because I couldn't decide which way to go with it... The other one will be the next chapter.
Written for Challenge 260 – Odd Couples at tw100.

Summary: Janet's in love...

“I don’t get it. We went to so much trouble finding a suitable mate for Janet and they can’t stand each other! What’s the problem? They’re both weevils and Brad is quite the looker by weevil standards.” Jack couldn’t conceal his exasperation.

“To be fair, it’s not Brad’s fault,” Owen said wearily. “He fancies Janet, but she’s not interested. Her heart’s already taken.”

Just then, Ianto wandered in carrying several steaming mugs. “Coffee?”

Janet moaned softly, yearning towards the Welshman.

“Oh, you have gotta be kidding me!” Jack sounded shocked.

“Nope! She’s smitten.”

Ianto shrugged. “She really likes my coffee!”

The End