Author's Notes:
I managed to write a second drabble for Challenge 304 – Time Zones at tw100! YAY!

Summary: Jack and Ianto have to work on New Year’s Eve.

This wasn’t how either of them had planned to spend New Year’s Eve, but the Rift had no respect for earth’s traditions, and Torchwood were obliged to deal with anything that fell through, regardless of where or when.

Or what, Ianto mused, dousing another of the slug-things with salt water and watching it shrivel away to nothing. The neon pink beasties were parasitic and lethal, but thankfully easy to track and neutralise.

Nearby, church bells chimed and Jack pulled Ianto into a quick but heated kiss.

“Happy New Year!”

“It’s only ten o’clock!”

“Really? Well, it’s midnight somewhere.”

“Fair point.”

The End