Author's Notes:
I couldn’t help myself. A sequel, for fanbot’s prompt ‘Sexbot’ and also for red_day_dawning’s prompt ‘Sweat’

Summary: Ianto approves the sexbot.

“What did I tell you?” Jack asked with a satisfied smirk.

Lying half on top of him in an exhausted, sated, sweaty heap, Ianto lifted his head briefly from where it rested on Jack’s chest before letting it flop back again. Moving took far too much effort.

“You were right, for once. Tentacles are very stimulating, not to mention versatile. And those wiggly bits… I never imagined they could do that!” Ianto sounded awed.

“I take it you approve then.”

“Oh yeah!” Ianto smiled dreamily. “We’re definitely trying that again! It’s going in our personal archives tomorrow.”

Jack just laughed.

The End