Author's Notes:
The fourth of my drabbles for Challenge 260 – Odd Couples at tw100. Not sure if I should be apologising for this!

Summary: Everything about Torchwood is weird…

“I think it’s adorable,” Tosh said with a smile.

“You would! I think it’s bloody weird!” Owen grumbled.

“Everything about Torchwood is weird,” Gwen stated. “We should be used to it by now.”

“I just wish everyone could get along so well,” Andy mumbled from where he lay sprawled across the sofa.

They all turned to watch as Nosy slithered past again, humming cheerfully, Velvet the Shrodlet clinging to its back with her tiny paws. She looked like a little purple pimple amid the thick, green fur.

“If you think that’s weird, you should see her riding Myfanwy,” Ianto smirked.

The End