Author's Notes:
A sequel for star54kar’s prompt ‘Toshiko gets bored and…’

There are two endings with this one, it’s up to you which one you believe!

Summary: Toshiko rules the earth…

Empress Toshiko the Bountiful, they called her, though she still preferred to be known as Tosh, especially by her many consorts.

Firm but fair, she worked hard to make the world a better place, free from hunger, hate and prejudice. The earth flourished under her reign.

It was the beginning of a new Golden Age, a time when they finally began to make official contact with alien races. Everyone agreed it was a great time to be alive!


Tosh sat up suddenly in bed.

“Good lord, what a weird dream! Maybe having sushi for supper wasn’t such a good idea!”

The End.

Alternate Ending

Tosh sat up suddenly in bed.

“What a weird dream! Never having sushi for supper again!”

A knock at the door.


The End.