Author's Notes:
My first drabble for Challenge 302 - Thaw at tw100. The idea is for there to be two more to complete this story. I have one written, just got to write the final part.

Summary: Ianto waits for Jack to defrost and revive.

When they’d left the Hub to track whatever had come through the Rift, Ianto never imagined that he’d wind up having to defrost his lover.

Unfortunately, it seemed unlikely that Jack would revive until he’d thawed out a bit, so with grim patience, Ianto endured the discomfort of cuddling the frozen man, determined to do what he could to warm him even if it meant risking a touch of frostbite.

It seemed like forever before Jack’s skin finally began to warm, the blue tinge turning to a healthier pink, but Ianto only relaxed when Jack finally took his first breath.

TBC in ‘Preparing For Battle’