Author's Notes:
I've lost count, how many is this? I think it might be the seventh drabble of my first set for Challenge 300 at tw100. Which means I have two more of this batch and seven of the second batch still to post. Just two more to write and I will have completed the challenge TWICE! I must be crazy... But you already knew that ;)

Summary: Ianto is always gorgeous, but Jack wasn’t prepared for this!

Jack couldn’t stop staring.

Ianto, his Ianto, sat before him astride a motorcycle, a vision in black and red leathers, eyebrow raised and a wicked smirk on that oh-so-tempting mouth.

“Whu?” Jack mentally shook himself and tried not to drool. A second attempt at speech was more successful. “Since when did you ride a motorcycle?”

“Since I was eighteen. Haven’t had one since London, but a friend was selling his, so… What do you think?”

Jack’s brain was mush. In his opinion, Ianto Jones was the sexiest being beneath the firmament, but all he could manage was a heartfelt “Guh!”

The End