Author's Notes:
My fifth drabble for Challenge 300 at tw100. I have all nine written, plus a sequel to one and I'm planning at least one other sequel, just because ;)

Summary: It’s Halloween, time to dress up, but what is Ianto wearing? Owen wants to know.

The team were in costume for a Halloween party on the Plas.

“Why’s Teaboy wearing a purple curtain?” asked Owen, who was rather unimaginatively dressed as a doctor.

Ianto rolled his eyes, but it was Jack, dressed in a short white tunic and sandals, who answered.

“It’s called a trabea, Owen, a ceremonial toga worn only by the Emperor.” He placed a circlet of vine leaves on Ianto’s head to complete the outfit.

“Huh. So if Teaboy’s the Emperor, what does that make you?”

Jack winked lasciviously.

“Every Emperor needs a slave.”

“He gets to feed me grapes,” Ianto smirked.

The End