Author's Notes:
The fourth of hopelly nine drabbles for Challenge 300 at tw100. I've written eight, just need an idea for the last one.

Summary:One night in Northern Scotland, Ianto sees something he’ll never forget.

Jack pulled off the coast road just north of Dunnet. Headlights off, the only illumination came from moon and stars; silence reigned but for the soft susurrus of the sea.

Ianto gazed through the windscreen at the silvered seascape. He’d never been this far North, but Archie had needed help with a crashed spaceship so they’d driven up, leaving the rest of the team in Cardiff.

They’d been heading home; Ianto didn’t understand why they’d stopped until Jack pointed overhead. Curtains of scintillating light were shimmering across the heavens.

The Northern Lights

Ianto gasped, breathless at the sight.

“It’s incredible!”

The End