Author's Notes:
Much to my surprise, I managed a second drabble for Challenge 258 – Ghost of a chance at tw100.

I think I should apologize...

Summary: Halloween’s a washout for the team.

In retrospect, attempting to drive though a river ford in pouring rain probably wasn’t one of Jack’s better ideas. As water poured in, the SUV’s engine coughed, spluttered and died.

The team scrambled out, quickly becoming soaked through by rain and river water.

With no hope of a phone signal this far out, they trudged through mud and rain to the nearest shelter, a spooky, abandoned house about a mile from the road.

“Some Halloween,” sighed Ianto.

Standing dripping in the hallway, Jack studied their surroundings and grinned.

“Look on the bright side, there’s always the chance of a ghost!”

The End