Author's Notes:
My third drabble for Challenge 300 at tw100. I have seven written now, two more prompts to write.

Summary: Jack and Gwen watch little Ianto drawing.

Jack sat quietly, watching the temporarily de-aged five-year-old Ianto drawing.

Ianto was concentrating hard, tip of tongue poking out and a little frown drawing his eyebrows together. He looked adorable.

“What are you drawing, pet?” asked Gwen, “Is it a duck? Why is it purple?”

Little Ianto rolled his eyes and replied with exaggerated patience, as if he were the adult and she the child.

“Not a duck, a swan. See the long neck? And it’s purple ‘cause swans are white but so is paper; if I drew it white it wouldn’t show up.”

Jack beamed.

“Can’t fault that logic!”

The End