Author's Notes:
Another drabble for Challenge 299 – Green Eggs and Ham at tw100. There will be one more, if we don't get a new prompt before I post it.

Summary: Ianto reports recent events to the team.

“They wanted what?” Gwen asked, gaping.

“Dog biscuits. Bonio actually. They’re the ultimate delicacy on their world.” Ianto shrugged. “Don’t think much to them myself, rather dry. No accounting for taste though.”

“Wait a minute, you tried one?”

Ianto looked surprised. “Of course. How else would I find out what other biscuits they might like? Sent them home with an ample supply and some samples.”

“Hold on,” Jack butted in. “Who paid for this bounty?”

“They did. Used my credit card though, didn’t think the supermarket would accept their currency.” He held out several flawless sapphires.

“They’re welcome back anytime.”

The End