Author's Notes:
My one and only drabble for Challenge 258 - Ghost of a chance at tw100. For me at least, this has been the hardest prompt so far. At least I managed to write one in the end!

Summary: Owen couldn’t let it go.

Realistically, Owen knew there was little hope of solving the crime after so many years. Lizzie’s murder was long forgotten by anyone except her family and friends.

He’d felt it all though, her terror, her pain. Her death. He couldn’t let go, couldn’t forget, he needed to do… something!

The very least she deserved was for the truth to come out, even if he couldn’t bring her justice.

He had a name, Ed Morgan. That was a start. Maybe the bastard still lived.

It was the slimmest of chances, but even the ghost of a chance was better than none.

The End