Author's Notes:
This one’s for Meirionwen, who left the 600th review on my drabble collection at She asked for ‘Young Ianto in a tree. Bonus points for Jack. Ianto is seventeen.’ I tried to write a drabble, I really did, but it just wasn’t working, so here is a set of four drabbles.

Summary: Teenage Ianto likes being up trees, looking down on the world, especially when no one knows he’s there.

Ianto spent his 17th birthday up a tree. This wasn’t exactly unusual, at least not for Ianto, who spent a great deal of time up various trees. So much so, his sister Rhiannon said he must be part monkey.

There was a lot to be said for being up high, looking down on the world, especially if no one knew you were there.

Being up a tree was like being in a different world. It was peaceful, private, a good place for thinking and an even better place for spying, which was what Ianto was doing right at that moment.

A man stood a short distance away. Ianto had seen him before; tall, dark haired, gorgeous if you liked that sort of thing, and Ianto rather thought he did. Just looking at him made his skin tingle.

Maybe it was the coat, retro military. He wore it like it was as much a part of him as his blue eyes, white teeth and film-star smile. Made him look like the dashing hero in those war movies he watched with his dad at the Electra, back when he was a kid. Before dad lost the shop and turned to the bottle.

Ianto watched the man surreptitiously. He seemed to be waiting for someone, or something.

There was a communication device in his ear; he keep reaching up to touch it and speaking in a voice too low for Ianto to hear what he was saying.

Ianto wondered if he was some sort of secret agent, like James Bond. That would be so cool!

Suddenly, the man tensed, pulling a gun from a holster at his hip. Ianto’s eyes widened and he held his breath as the man took off at a run, coat flying out behind him like a superhero’s cape.

Ianto watched until the man was out of sight before slumping against the tree trunk, panting, unbelievably turned on by what he’d witnessed. There was something about the man that excited him in ways he’d never experienced before.

He liked girls, no doubt about that, and he was attracted to boys too, but this was different, stronger. He felt drawn to the man, like iron to a magnet.

Everything about him was perfect; his hair, that smile, the way he moved. That bloody glorious coat!

He was a mystery; Ianto didn’t even know his name, but someday, he’d find out.

The End