Author's Notes:
Written for Little Nerdling, for leaving the first review on my drabbles here. I hope you like it!

This was meant to be just one drabble, but I couldn’t decide which idea to use so I wrote both – two drabbles for the price of one!

Summary: Jack and Ianto are in a romantic mood, but they’re not as alone as they thought.

The romantic, candlelit dinner for two had been Jack’s idea. He set the table, lit candles, chilled wine; everything looked perfect.

With Ianto seated across from him, gorgeous in dark suit and red shirt, Jack served the starter. He smiled at Ianto, reaching to take his lover’s hand, when suddenly a fluffy head popped out from under the table and stole the avocado right off Jack’s plate.

Ianto almost fell off his chair laughing at the look on his captain’s face. Jack was speechless; mouth open, eyes comically wide with shock.

“Don’t worry, cariad,” he chuckled, “you can share mine.”


Some weeks later, after being run off their feet for several very long days, Jack and Ianto had sent the others home and settled down to watch a movie.

Ianto was nursing multiple bruises and a sprained wrist following a disastrous encounter with large and clumsy aliens, so Jack was intent on pampering him. Thoroughly enjoying all the attention, Ianto was snuggling close to Jack and hoping for a bit of post-movie fun.

Right up until a certain Fluff decided it wanted to watch the movie too and draped itself across their laps.

‘Sometimes,’ Ianto mused, ‘you just can’t win!’

The End