Author's Notes:
My third and final drabble for Challenge 298 – In Vino Veritas at tw100.

Summary: Tosh gets a little drunk and confides in her best friend.

“I love Owen,” Tosh confided in Ianto rather loudly, “but I have noooo idea why. He looks like a frog and he’s such a bastard! Sleeps with different women every night. He’s a… he’s a cad! I hate him!”

She threw her arms up in the air and nearly dumped the contents of her wine glass over her head. Ianto quickly took it away from her.

“Why doesn’t he want me, Ianto? Aren’t I pretty enough?”

“Owen’s an idiot. He’s not good enough for you.”

Tosh squinted myopically at her friend in awe.

“It’s true, you really do know ever’thing!”

The End