Author's Notes:
Not as fluffy as I’d hoped, but it’s what I ended up with. A pair of drabbles because it wasn’t fair to leave Jack dead and Ianto waiting.

A final fill for Challenge 297 – Seconds at tw100

Summary: Jack wakes from death again.

Between one second and the next, Jack jolted back into life, gasping for breath and clutching at Ianto like a drowning man.

“It’s okay, Jack, I’ve got you,” Ianto murmured in his lover’s ear.

“Ianto, you’re alright! Was scared you’d be killed too, didn’t have time to warn you.”

“I saw everything, dealt with the alien before it knew I was there.”

Jack breathed a sigh of relief, squirming around to face Ianto; the next few minutes were spent in very pleasurable kissing and groping as Jack checked for himself that all Ianto’s parts were attached and in working order.


Separating to catch their breath, Ianto leant his forehead against Jack’s and just breathed in his scent for a few seconds before finally pulling away.

The rain was coming down ever harder and they were now half-laying in a rapidly expanding puddle of freezing water, soaked to their skins. Funny how he hadn’t noticed that until just now.

“As pleasurable as this is, we should probably clean up the evidence,” Ianto gestured at the dead alien, “and get back to the Hub before we drown.”

Reluctantly, Jack let him go.

“You’re right. Work before pleasure. Later though?”

“Count on it.”

Definitely The End