Author's Notes:
Sorry about the delay, I got stuck on the next part of the Butterfly Saga so posting this one was held up. I want to get a few more written before I continue posting them but I'll try to have another one up soon.

Summary: Tosh gets left behind to butterfly-sit.

Jack clapped his hands together, making the butterfly on Tosh’s head flutter a little.

“Okay, boys and girls, gear up, we have an unknown but sizeable object to retrieve!”

He glanced at Tosh.

“Sorry, Tosh, looks like you’ll have to sit this one out. Direct us from here and keep us informed.” Turning away, he called out, “Mickey, we don’t know exactly how big this thing is so you’d better bring the van.”

Tosh sat and watched the team head for the garage, then turned to look at the butterfly reflected in her monitor.

“Well, just you and me now.”

TBC in ‘Reflective Butterfly’