Author's Notes:
My third drabble for Challenge 297 – Seconds at tw100. One more angsty one to post - unless I think of another idea, lol!

Summary: What would happen if Rhys joined Torchwood?

Having Rhys join Torchwood and take over some of Ianto’s more mundane daily tasks, namely the cleaning and providing of food, was proving to be something of a mixed blessing.

On the one hand, it meant Ianto had more time for his other duties; fieldwork, maintaining the archives, tending to Jack…

On the other hand…

“Anyone for seconds?” Rhys asked jovially, his question immediately answered by a sea of raised hands.

“Bloody hell,” muttered Owen. “If we keep eating like this we’ll all be too fat to chase aliens!”

But he dug into his second slice of lemon cheesecake anyway.

The End