Author's Notes:
My first drabble for Challenge 297 – Seconds at tw100. I have a couple more written.

Summary: There’s adventure to be found everywhere for two immortals travelling the universe, but sometimes Ianto wishes Jack would just behave.

Jack was apparently capable of causing offence wherever they went.

“I demand a duel to the death,” hissed the orange skinned alien. “Name your second.”

“What are seconds?” Ianto murmured to Jack.

“They remove the dead body of the loser.”

“Ah.” Ianto stepped forward, “I’m his second. Jones.”

“Very well. I choose Chialabanch.”

A small alien stepped from the crowd, looking nervous.

“Are we ready?” Jack’s grin was a mile wide.


The fight was brief and brutal. Jack died quickly and the seconds carried his body to their ship.

“Stop offending people,” Ianto grumbled as Jack revived.

“But it’s fun!”

The End