Author's Notes:
My final drabble for Challenge 296 – Autumn In Cardiff at tw100, even though it was the second one written.

Summary: Despite the hazards of working for Torchwood, you should never pass up the opportunity to have a bit of fun!

The Weevil they were hunting led them a merry chase before disappearing down an open manhole. It hadn’t harmed anyone, so they’d let it go; maybe it had just wanted a romp in the autumn air.

Which left Jack and Ianto a couple of miles from the SUV, trekking back through Bute Park in the early hours. The huge pile of fallen leaves they’d come across was just too tempting.

With no one around to see, they grinned at each other and dived in, tossing leaves around with abandon, filling the air with laughter.

Some immortals just never grow up!

The End