Author's Notes:
My fifth and final drabble for Challenge 293 – Going Green at tw100.

I'm going to try to keep up with challenges and posting, but my 82 year old mum had a stroke yesterday evening and is in the hospital, so things are a bit hectic at the moment. Please bear with me.

Summary: Owen comes up with an effective solution, but...

After thirty-six hours of fighting the encroaching mould, Owen finally had something he thought would work.

Thankfully the ventilation system for the lower levels was independent from the Hub’s main air-conditioning and had already been shut down to prevent the mould spreading through the ducts. Now they just had to flood the affected areas with herbicidal gas and that should fix the problem.

And it did. Sort of.

Staring at the resulting thick black slime, Ianto despaired.

Jack patted his shoulder sympathetically.

“Look on the bright side! At least now you don’t have to worry about your archives going green!”

The End