Author's Notes:
My third drabble for Challenge 293 – Going Green at tw100 and the final part in the Green trilogy. Hope you all like it!

Summary: Nosy’s colour change is the most interesting thing happening in the Hub…

The team sat around the boardroom table, discussing Nosy’s colour change.

“Okay, what theories do we have?” Jack asked.

“It changes colour at will for camouflage.” Ianto was sticking with his original idea.

“Faded due to poor diet.” So was Owen.

“It fades in sunlight?” suggested Andy.

“In Wales?” Ianto’s eyebrows were getting a good workout.

“Maybe it’s moulting,” said Tosh.

“Doesn’t seem to be,” Mickey grinned. “I’m sure Ianto would’ve noticed.”

“It likes Sesame Street; maybe it’s copying Kermit,” Gwen giggled.

Under the table, Nosy listened, amused.

‘Green shows up. I don’t get stepped on,’ it thought with satisfaction.

The End