Author's Notes:
Written for I love Janto who left the 400th review on my drabble collection.

Summary: The fearless Captain Fluff must tackle a dangerous adversary!

It had been a slow day at Nosewood, but now alarms were blaring.

Captain Fluff slithered from its office to see what was happening.

“Captain, something’s come through the Rift,” exclaimed Toshiko, “I’ve traced it to Splott.”

The Captain hummed approvingly, rallying its team to investigate.


A Very Bad Alien had come through. The team were brave, but the Captain knew it must deal with this threat by itself, to protect them!

Slithering silently up a tree, it dropped on the alien, coiling tightly around it until it was completely squished.

Everyone cheered. “Once again, Captain Fluff saves the world!”

The End