Author's Notes:
My drabble for Challenge 291 – On The Run at tw100. Don't know if I'll manage a second one this week or not, this is the only idea I've had so far.

Summary: Ianto is being pursued through the Hub!

Ianto ran through the dimly lit Hub, fleeing his pursuer, breathless but keeping far enough ahead to be out of immediate danger.

Ducking around a corner and up a flight of stairs, he took a second to check his weapon; as he’d suspected, he was out of ammunition. He had to keep moving, find somewhere to reload. His pursuer had him at a disadvantage.

Down a corridor, round another corner… Damn, he’d run right into a trap!

His pursuer fired, hitting him squarely, then fired again.

Ianto stood dripping, glaring at Jack.

“Cheat! You should only have one water pistol!”

The End