Author's Notes:
The third of four drabbles for Challenge 290 – Mars at tw100, which means it's also the third part of the Cravings mini-series. One more part to be posted - hopefully tomorrow.

Summary: Ianto goes shopping to satisfy Jack’s pregnancy cravings.

“Getting those for Halloween?” the cashier asked as Ianto piled two dozen bags of fun-sized Mars Bars on the checkout.

Ianto sighed heavily, shaking his head.

“Pregnancy cravings.”

The cashier frowned.

“Aren’t you with that dashing American bloke?”

“I am. Friend of ours offered to be our surrogate.”

He emptied his trolley: six jars of marmalade, six of pickled onions, four tubs of strawberry ice cream, a steak pie and a bag of frozen chips.

“Now it’s Mars Bars and marmalade all day, pickled onions and ice cream for supper.” He grinned ruefully. “The pie and chips are for me.”

TBC in ‘Craving Dangers Solved’