Author's Notes:
The new drabble prompt was very late this week, so this might wind up being my only drabble for Challenge 290 – Mars at tw100. My brain insisted on this *rolls eyes*

Summary: Sometimes, even Ianto has trouble understanding Jack.

Ianto poked his head into Jack’s office.


“Mmf?” Jack replied, chewing vigorously.

“I’m just popping out to the shops. Anything you need?”

“Ffffumph mmmf mmfff fffff?”

Ianto rolled his eyes as chocolate dribbled from the corner of Jack’s mouth.

“I can’t understand a word you’re saying.”

Jack waved an empty bag at him.


Looking at it, Ianto raised his eyebrows.

“You’ve eaten them already?”

Jack gestured at his mouth.

“You know you’re not supposed to stick a whole Mars bar in your mouth at once, right?”

Jack looked sheepish.


Ianto sighed. Jack’s pregnancy cravings were seriously odd.

The End