Author's Notes:
The last of my three drabbles for Challenge 289 – Baby Names at tw100. I wonder what I shall post tomorrow...

Sorry it's a bit late, it's been an insane day.

Summary: An overheard conversation puzzles Gwen.

Overhearing an odd conversation between Jack and Ianto had Gwen puzzled.

“I like Millie for a girl,” Ianto commented thoughtfully.

“How about Oscar for a boy?” Jack replied.

“Hmmm, okay. Or Oliver, Ollie for short.”

“No, I knew an Ollie once, he was an idiot.”

“How about Jasper then?”

“I like that. Maggie?”

“No way. I dated a Maggie once. She dumped me.”

Frowning, Gwen hurried over to Owen.

“Jack and Ianto are discussing baby names. Is Jack pregnant?”

Owen snorted. “Hardly. They’ve been arguing all morning over what to name their kitten and they haven’t even got one yet.”

The End