Author's Notes:
Here's the sixth of eight drabbles written for Week 4 of Challenge 288 – Reverse fandom – Last of the Summer Wine at tw100. Two more to go, then I've got three drabbles to post for Challenge 289. Slowly catching up with myself!

Summary: Aliens invade and capture Torchwood.

They’d been captured by invading aliens. Again. Funny how that kept happening, Ianto mused.

Bound and gagged, they were locked up. In a tool shed.

Incompetent aliens then. Hadn’t even taken their weapons. Ianto would have rolled his eyes, but it wasn’t worth the effort.

It was the work of moments to find suitable tools, cut themselves free, then take the door off its hinges and escape. Jack was impressed with his ingenuity and promised suitable rewards. Later. They had an invasion to prevent first.

Which proved woefully easy.

The aliens, shocked that they’d escaped, promptly surrendered.

Another crisis averted.

The End