Author's Notes:
Here it is, my 10th and final drabble for Week 3 of Challenge 288 – Reverse fandom – Last of the Summer Wine at tw100. That means tomorrow I'll start posting my drabbles for Week 4. Right now I have no idea how many there are, I seem to have lost count...

Summary: There’s a situation up in the Tourist Office…

Rather pleased with this one - it was exactly 100 words with no need to edit! How often does that happen?

Up in the Tourist Office, Ianto clicked on his Bluetooth.

“Jack? Can you come up here please? We have a bit of a situation.”

Not knowing what kind of situation, Jack took the Invisible Lift up so he could enter by the front door, stopping dead as soon as he was inside.

The whole office was swarming with foot-high, white-bearded little men and women, all chattering at once in surprisingly deep voices.

He looked questioningly at Ianto.


“Yes, sir, the entire Cardiff population. Apparently they’ve had a very nice visit, but they’d like to go Gnome now,” he smirked.

The End