Author's Notes:
This is my ninth drabble for Week 3 of Challenge 288 – Reverse fandom – Last of the Summer Wine at tw100. I'll post the final Week 3 drabble tomorrow, then I can move on to Week 4... I'll catch up to myself eventually, I'm sure.

Summary: Ianto bids farewell to his faithful protectors, fallen in the line of duty.

They’d served him well since he joined Torchwood Three, faithfully protecting him through mud and mire, through slime and goo, through disgusting sewers and even through years of cleaning the cells and Myfanwy’s nest.

Now though, their faithful service had come to an end; they’d been defeated by a river of neon green, acidic gunge, bravely giving their last to keep his feet from being melted off.

The least he could do was give them a proper send off.

“Alas, poor wellies, brave to the last. I salute you,” Ianto murmured solemnly, then shrugged and tossed them into the incinerator.

The End