Author's Notes:
Double drabble, an expansion of a reply I made to a comment on the original drabble.

Summary: Jack makes sure there won’t be a repeat invasion.

After the unfortunate incident with the undersized invasion force getting trampled by a civilian, Jack succeeded in contacting the ruler of the planet the invaders came from using his VM. The following is a transcript of their conversation:

Jack: “Thought you should know your invasion force has been defeated. They were seriously overmatched. You’d be wise not to send another one.”

Alien Ruler: “Ah, I always said one day Commander Splerlifoo would try to
invade the wrong planet. He never did have any sense. I hope you won't be
billing us for damages incurred during the attempt.”

Jack: “Not this time, damage was minimal, just a pair of shoes, but we are keeping his spaceship. It makes quite a nice desk ornament for my tech expert.”

Alien Ruler: “Desk ornament?" Gulp. "Just how big ARE you people?”

Jack: “Oh, only about three million times bigger than yours.”

Alien Ruler: “Okay, so sorry, got to go, bye bye!” Turns to aide. “We are never going anywhere near that planet again!”

Aide: “Very well, milord, I’ll erase it from our charts, shall I?”

Alien Ruler: “Screw that, just destroy all the charts. I’m banning space travel. Permanently. It’s not worth the risk.”

The End