Author's Notes:
Okay, this one’s a double drabble – or more precisely, a drabble and its sequel, posted together because they’re both for the same prompt and it’s less fiddly than posting them separately. They're my seventh and eighth drabbles for Week 3 of Challenge 288 – Reverse fandom – Last of the Summer Wine at tw100. I still have two more to post for Week 3 and so far I've written five for Week 4. Writing them is easier than posting them!

Summary: The Torchwood team receive bad news – the world is about to end.

Ianto looked up as the door to the Tourist Office opened and an elderly man walked in.

“Good afternoon, Mr Bickerdyke, how can I help you today.”

“Mr Jones, I am the bearer of grim news once again, I’m afraid. It appears the world will be ending next Thursday.”

Ianto’s brow creased with concern. “Thursday, you say?”

“After lunch.”

“That’s grave news indeed, Mr Bickerdyke.”

“So you’ll take care of it then?”

“I will indeed. The end of the world would be bad for the tourist industry.”

Mr Bickerdyke nodded. “Good day, Mr Jones.”

“Good day, sir, and thank you.”


After Mr Bickerdyke departed, Ianto headed down to the Hub to deliver the news.

“Jack? We have a problem. According to Mr Bickerdyke, the world is ending next Thursday, after lunch.”

“That’s not good, gives us less than a week to prepare. I really wish he could be more specific. Okay, kids, listen up. Something bad is coming our way next Thursday. Tosh, monitor the Rift. Gwen, liase with the police; anything out of the ordinary, I want to know about it immediately. Ianto, Owen, internet and news. We have to keep the world from ending. Let’s get to it!”

The End