Author's Notes:
Second part of my drabble series written for Challenge 412: Super-Heroes at tw100.

Summary: If Jack is Captain Coat, who is Ianto?

Jack beamed, delighted with his new ‘secret’ identity. “I like that! But if I’m Captain Coat, does that make you my trusty sidekick?”

“Of course. Superheroes always need someone to keep them organised, although I’ve always thought of myself as being more like Alfred than Robin.”

“British butler in a suit… Yeah, I can see that. You were an amazing Batman for Halloween last year though. Maybe you should be a superhero too.”

“And what would my superpower be?”

“Making irresistible coffee,” Jack declared after a moment’s thought. “You could call yourself the Coffee King!”

“I already do,” Ianto winked.

TBC in ‘The Name Game’