Author's Notes:
My first dabble for Challenge 412: Super-Heroes at tw100.

This started life as a one-off drabble, but ended up with five parts. Looks like you lucky people will be getting an extra drabble this week.

Summary: Jack’s got something on his mind.

Leaving the cinema after watching the latest superhero blockbuster on the big screen, Jack was oddly quiet. Ianto glanced worriedly at his lover as they threaded their way through the crowds and out onto the street.

“Didn’t you enjoy the movie? You’re the one who wanted to see it.”

Jack jerked himself out of his thoughts. “What? No, it was fantastic, it’s just…”

“Just what?”

“Well, it got me wondering. D’you think I’d make a good superhero?”

“You’re already a superhero, Jack. You protect Cardiff from monsters and evil geniuses.” Ianto grinned. “You even have a costume. You’re Captain Coat!”

TBC in ‘Sidekick Or Hero?’