Author's Notes:
My 5th drabble for Challenge 288– Reverse fandom – Last of the Summer Wine at tw100.

This is a sad one, folks. Spoilers for Exit Wounds.

On a brighter note, I still have three more (all more cheerful than this one) to post. That will make 8 for Week 2 of this challenge. There are two more weeks to go and I'm hoping to get at least 7 written for each week. Wish me luck!

Summary: In the aftermath of Exit Wounds, Jack roams the Hub late at night.

All was dark and silent; Gwen had long since gone home and Ianto was sleeping fitfully in Jack’s bunk.

Jack couldn’t sleep; the events of the past 24 hours — or was it two thousand years? — whirling through his mind in an endless loop.

Pausing by Tosh’s workstation, he ran fingertips over her keyboard. The thought flashed into his mind: She’d never use it again.

Finally stepping into the autopsy bay, once Owen’s domain, he stopped. Ianto had cleaned, scrubbing until his hands were raw, but in his mind Jack could still see blood.

And empty places where friends should be.

The End