Author's Notes:
My third drabble for Challenge 407: Queen at tw100.

I was going to stick to my regular drabble posting schedule, but that would mean keeping you all waiting until Sunday, so I’ve decided not to be mean. I have random drabbles available for the weekend.

Summary: Everything is ready, so the boys are setting off for Windsor with their gift.

A month later, Jack and Ianto were preparing for their drive to Windsor. They were leaving the SUV at the Hub for the team’s use, so they loaded everything they would need for the weekend into Jack’s personal vehicle, a sleek, stylish black Lexus.

With their suitcases in the boot, Ianto collected the basket containing the Queen’s birthday present. He’d decorated it with red, white, and blue ribbons and topped it with a big bow, so he took great care when he put it in the back seat.

“All aboard who’s coming aboard?” Jack asked.


“Then off we go!”

TBC in ‘The Gift That Keeps On Giving’