Author's Notes:
My first drabble for Challenge 407: Queen at tw100. Since the prompt was so convenient, I decided to carry on with something from last week ;)

Summary: Jack and Ianto are no closer to figuring out what to buy the Queen for her birthday.

What do you give the Queen who has everything? Jack and Ianto had been arguing over that very question for days, and it had reached the point where they were barely speaking to each other when they weren’t ‘discussing’ the problem.

Tension levels in the Hub were almost at breaking point, with the rest of the team studiously avoiding taking sides, though everyone agreed something should be done.

The worst part was, Jack and Ianto had been invited to attend the family party at Windsor for the weekend, since Lizzie had decided it was high time William learned about Torchwood.

TBC in ‘The Ideal Gift’