Author's Notes:
My first drabble for Challenge 405: Remorse at tw100. I've written four, and three are on the angsty side, so apologies in advance.

Summary: Lisa is dead and Ianto’s starting to wonder if he can ever make amends to the team.

Ianto sat huddled on his sofa, still dressed in the same blood-smeared clothes he’d been wearing at the Hub when it had happened. The blood was dry now, it would be hell getting it out of the fabric, but that didn’t matter since he intended to have what he was wearing thrown in the Hub’s incinerator and burned. Surely Jack would allow that, wouldn’t he?

Jack, and the rest of the team; he’d betrayed them all. Ianto closed his eyes, feeling a tide of remorse flood through him. Would they ever be able to forgive him for everything he’d done?

The End