Author's Notes:
My second drabble for Challenge 404: Not Found at tw100.

Apologies if there are any Gwen fans reading this. I had to do it.

Summary: Gwen learns the hard way why you shouldn’t handle unidentified objects.

It started as a routine retrieval mission; something came through the rift so the team piled into the SUV to find whatever had been dumped on their doorstep this time.

Their search led them to an area of wasteland on the outskirts of Splott. After an hour of poking about among rubble and rubbish, muddy puddles and weeds, Gwen suddenly called to the others.

“Found it!”

Before anyone could move, she’d picked up the small metal disc. There was a humming sound, a bright flash, and Gwen vanished.

No one ever learned where it sent her; she was never found.

The End