Author's Notes:
My first even drabble, for tw100's Challenge 251 - Prehistoric creatures.

It was originally intended to be a short story, but it wasn't going anywhere and as it fit the prompt, I whittled it down to 100 words instead. Summary: Just what the title says. Jack sometimes has unrealistic expectations.

“We can’t keep it, Jack.”

“But why not? We kept Myfanwy!”

“Myfanwy mostly keeps to the top of the Hub, there’s plenty of space up there and it’s not like anybody else uses it, so she’s never in the way.”

“We kept Nosy!”

“Nosy’s smart, it keeps out from under our feet and it’s learned what not to touch.”

“We kept Velvet!”

“Velvet’s tiny and easy to care for.”

“But it’s cute!”

“I’m not disputing that. Though come to think of it, I could…”

“Well why can’t we keep it?”

“We have nowhere to put a full grown bloody Stegosaurus!”

The End