I'd Rather Be With You IV

by BiteyMadLady [Reviews - 2]

  • All Ages
  • None
  • Angst, Character Study, Drabble

Author's Notes:
A double-drabble, and a bit more of a hint of things to come.

He leaned against the console, feeling the thrum of the oscillating Time Rotor as the TARDIS drifted in the Vortex.  Eyes closed in pain; he listened to the Song of the Universe while she crooned soothingly to ease his heartbreak.  He stroked a small Martian pebble within his fingers, finally slipping it into a pocket with a sigh of melancholy.  He wished he could pocket memories of loss and hubris as easily.

The Song swelled along with the pain; the ethereal voices of Ood rose to punctuate anticipation in  counterpoint.  With a spastic jerk of surprise, he slipped to the grating when the psychic link with his meta-crisis… his twin brother, really… came to life and quivered as if plucked like a violin string.

The Song of the Ood shifted; rose in a joyous crescendo of Hope.  They sang of the long-awaited Wedding of the StormWolf and of the Dawn of a New Age.  They sang of the Valiant Soldier Who Never Killed, and of the Four Knocks that heralded the Ending of a Song.  His Song.

The psychic link faded to a pinpoint of light.  He was alone once again.  The Ood and the TARDIS sang, and he cried.