So much for my happy ending

by ebonyknows [Reviews - 1]

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  • Drama, Het

'So much for my happy ending' she thought. He left her, muttering something about been sorry.


"I'm sorry Rose, i can't bare to see you get hurt" he said softly a tear in his eye. Then he turned and went back into the Tardis. Before he shut the door, she screamed "Its not like i'm dead".
Turning he smiled sadly and then the tardis was gone, taking her heart with it.


Staring out the window looking at the stars, she missed them. More importantly she missed her Doctor.
"Was it something i said? Was is something i did?" She muttered

Looking away a tear ran down her face
"Don't leave me hanging in a city so dead, you were all the things i thought i knew and i thought we could be."

She sighed again, "So much for my happy ending."

Looking up, tears still freely running down her face.
"You've got your dumb friends i know what they say, they tell you i'm difficult, well so are they. But they don't know me do they even know you?" She laughed at the last comment, of course they didn't he had them, helping them save a world a usual.
Then she thought 'Was it all show, he never really cared only said that he did'. She laughed again, bitterly this time. Of course that was it.
"Thanks for acting like you cared, and making me feel like i was the only one. Its nice to know we had it all, thanks for watching me fall."
Again she sighed "so much for my happy ending"

A sob left her mouth, he did really care and she knew that, it only hurt more knowing he did.
"You were everything, everything that i wanted. We were meant to be, suppose to be, but we lost it. All the memories, so close to me, just fade away."
Another sob left her "so much for my happy ending"

This time she buried her head in her hands crying all the pain away. It hurt so much. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder, thinkimg it was her mom, she looked up to tell her to go away. Thats when she came face to face with him. He was smiling sadly again.
"I'm so sorry Rose, i didn't want to make you hurt so much." Looking into her eyes, they were so red it made him feel sadder, to make her look like that.
"You didn't lose it, i know we were meant to be because i love you so much, please don't hate me i only wanted to keep you safe." She smiled at him upon hearing this, he smiled back.

"I can't live without you please forgive me, i need you." Her smile got wider. "Of course i forgive you, as long as i can come with you again."
This time it was his smile that got bigger.
"Fantastic, come on then, i've got planets to be, aliens to meet." He said offering his hand.
She smiled taking it, then they dissappared into the darkness.
'So much for my happy ending'