Buying Easter eggs with Daddy was fun. They went right into town with Michael in his pushchair.  Daddy was getting good at taking them into town now. He knew which buses to get and what time they arrived and always had the right money ready for his ticket and sometimes he took Michael out of his pushchair and folded it so that they didn’t have to wait for the next bus if there was already a pushchair on it, and, he always watched to make sure Michael didn’t put things in the pushchair without paying for them first. Michael did that lots. He never did that though, because he was naughty.

They got Easter eggs for everyone they could think of, but when they were coming home again Jacko was a little bit sad because they hadn’t got Daddy one.  When Mummy was living at home she used to take them out to get Daddy an Easter egg or a present, and Daddy would get one and say it was for Mummy. They had got eggs for Grandma and for Aunty Sue and for Aunty Donna, but they didn’t have one for Daddy.

Daddy should have a good Easter egg. He liked chocolate lots and usually got into even more trouble from Grandma than he and Michael got into if they ate chocolate before teatime. Jacko realised because Mummy wasn’t there that he was going to have to get Daddy an Easter egg on his own so that it could be from him and from Michael.

When they got home he went into his bedroom and he got his money box. He had lost the little plug that went in the bottom a long time ago and now there was a big tiddly-wink taped across the hole so had had to try to peel that out and then check how much money he had.  He had lots of coins but he didn’t have any notes left because he had wanted two games when Daddy had said he would buy him one, so if he wanted to have two he had to spend some of his own money. He counted his money and he had £1.57.

That wasn’t enough to get a good Easter egg. Good Easter eggs were big and had lots of sweeties in them and they cost lost more than £1.57. He was getting the Easter egg for Daddy from Michael as well, but when he checked Michael’s money box it was nearly empty.  He had 32 pennies in his money box. He didn’t get pocket money like he did to spend in the shops because he was still too little. He knew that he and Michael both had lots of money in a special bank, but that was no good when he wanted to buy an Easter egg for Daddy. If Mummy wasn’t there to help him buy Daddy and Easter egg then he would have to go and see someone else.

“Can I go and see granddad?” Jacko asked Daddy as he came out of the bedroom again.

“Course you can,” Daddy agreed. “We will be down in about an hour for tea. Will you tell Grandma?”

“Okay, Daddy,” Jacko nodded. Daddy was helping Michael to use his potty without his nappy, so wouldn’t be coming down straight away. Jacko gave Daddy a hug and then went out of the flat and downstairs to go and see Granddad.

“Hello Sunshine,” Grandma grinned when he came down the stairs and went into the kitchen. She was cooking tea and stirring something on the pot.  It smelt nice, but it smelt a little bit like it was burned as well. He hoped he didn’t get any black bits when it came to dinner time. “Where’s your dad?”

“Michael is on his potty. It’s stinky,” Jacko advised.  “Where is granddad?”

“He’s outside,” Grandma offered.  “Donald got out again while you were in town. He ate some of his flowers,” she offered and winked at him.

“Uh-oh, is he cross?”

“He’s cross with Donald,” Grandma nodded.

“I will go and help him,” Jacko suggested and he had a really, really good idea. He had helped Granddad once before. When he needed some money for a new book with Demon Headmasters in like Ryan had got him he had helped Granddad to clean his jeep and he had got five pounds for doing it.  He had only been four then and he couldn’t reach very high up the car.  He was five now but not that much taller yet. He wasn’t sure that five pounds was enough for a really good Easter egg. He wished he was ten because then he could clean more of Granddad’s car and get more money for Daddy’s Easter egg.

Jacko went outside to where Granddad was looking after his flowers.  He could see where Donald had gone trampling through the bed because there were hoof marks in the grass. Donald’s feet were a little bit funny. It was like they were in two halves. He bet Granddad didn’t care if his footprints were in two bits, he just cared that he had left lots of them in his flower beds.


“Oh, hello, Toad,” Granddad stopped working for a moment and stood up.

“If I clean your car when I am ten, can I have the money now?” He asked him. He thought that was the best idea. He could have an advance couldn’t he?

“What?” Granddad laughed.

“I need some money, Granddad, but not just five pounds.  I need more than five pounds.  I need at least ten pounds and I can’t wash enough of your car for ten pounds because I am not tall enough to reach,” Jacko pouted.

“What do you need at least ten pounds for?” Granddad asked him.

“To buy Daddy the best Easter Egg,” Jacko offered. “We got lots of Easter eggs today for everybody, but I don’t have one to give to Daddy and neither does Michael.  I need to get him one.”

“I think you do,” Granddad nodded. “Tell you what?” He offered. “If you hang on until I’ve finished here, I will get you some money, and, tomorrow morning, we will go and get Daddy an Easter egg while he is at the swimming exercise class with Michael, okay?” Granddad suggested.

“Yay,” Jacko nodded and went and hugged Granddad. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Granddad nodded.

“Don’t tell Daddy?”

“I won’t,” Granddad agreed. “It can be our secret.”

“Do you want some help with your flowers?”

“Not at the moment, but how about you take those ones in for Grandma and she can put them in one of her vases,” Granddad suggested. He gathered a bunch of flowers he’d had to cut from broken stems and held them out for Jacko to take in to Grandma.  “I’m going to stew that goat if he gets out again,” Granddad laughed.  “Off you go then. Make sure you give them straight to Grandma so that she can put them in water.”

“I will.” Jacko carefully carried the flowers in for Grandma. He was slightly concerned that Granddad was going to stew Donald though. He was frowning as he went into the house and as he thrust the cut flowers at Grandma.

“Oh, what’s up?” Grandma asked him. “Is Granddad grumpy?”

“He said he’s going to stew Donald.”

“Oh, I am sure he didn’t mean it,” Grandma laughed. “I think a BBQ would be better.”

“No, Grandma, he doesn’t mean to eat Granddad’s flowers.”

“He was only joking, love,” Grandma offered. “He loves Donald really, and you know what? I saw him yesterday? He took some of his nearly dead flowers down to the farm and he fed Donald with them, so, I think it is his own silly fault,” she chuckled. “Did you ask him what you needed to?”

“Yeah,” Jacko nodded. “I need to wait until tomorrow though,” he pouted slightly.

“What was it that you wanted?” Grandma asked him.

“Some money so I can buy Daddy a super Easter egg. I said I would wash his car when I am ten and I can reach further. He said I can have some but I have to wait until tomorrow,” Jacko explained.

“Oh, well we can sort that out,” Grandma offered. She ruffled his hair and then went and got her bag.  She got her purse out and she gave him a whole twenty pound note out of it. “There you go, love, you buy Daddy the best Easter egg that you can get from you and from Michael.  I think that is a lovely idea,” she offered.

“Thank you!” Jacko beamed. “Don’t tell Daddy?”

“I won’t, Sunshine, it can be our secret,” Jackie offered.

“I can get him a brilliant one now,” Jacko grinned as he put the twenty pound note in his pocket and then hugged Grandma.  He was sure he could get a brilliant Easter Egg for Daddy with twenty pounds.

He was sitting downstairs at the table having a glass of milk when Granddad came back in from the garden.  He washed his hands and made Grandma a little bit cross because he did it in the kitchen sink on top of the dishes rather than go to the bathroom, and then he used the tea towel to dry them and not a hand towel. He then went into the side room. When he came back he had two ten pound notes. He winked at Jacko and he gave them to him.

“Ready for tomorrow, make sure you look after it,” Granddad suggested quietly.

“I will,” Jacko nodded. If Grandma had given him twenty pounds and now Granddad had given him two ten pounds which was twenty pounds he now had forty pounds and he could get the best Easter egg ever. Then he had an idea.  If he got even more money then he could get a super duper Easter egg for Daddy, so much that even Daddy might not be able to eat it in one go without getting a belly ache.

Jacko had a plan.  He went to go and see Gray and Emmett. They were in the special room that Granddad had given them to do work for the farm and for Gray to do his college work in. He went in and knocked on the door because it was like Granddad or Daddy’s office and they were sometimes working hard and sometimes not working hard, but he didn’t want to run in if they were working hard.

“Donald ate granddad’s flowers again,” Jacko offered as he went in.

“I know,” Emmett nodded.

“Is there a hole in his fence?”

“No, he got under it this time,” Gray laughed. “We need to fill in a gap he’s made.”

“Do you need any help?” Jacko offered freely. “If I helped you fill in the gap? You could pay me?”

“Pay you?” Emmett chuckled.

“I need some money,” Jacko pouted.

“Oh, what do you need money for?”

“It’s a secret,” Jacko whispered.

“Oh? What is the secret?” Gray asked him quietly.

“I need to buy Daddy a really good Easter egg,” Jacko offered. “When Mummy lived here she used to take me and Michael to pick Daddy’s Easter egg, but now she isn’t here and Daddy took us to get lots of Easter eggs for everyone today, but we haven’t got one for Daddy yet and he needs to have a brilliant Easter egg.”

“Awww,” Emmett sighed as he smiled. “You’re such a sweetie,” he looked to Gray. “Come on then, get your wallet out,” he teased. He got his own wallet out and he got ten pounds out.  Gray did the same.  They each gave him a ten pound note. 

“When do I need to help you fill in the gap?” Jacko asked as he slipped the money into his pocket.

“It’s alright, we will sort the gap out, you make sure you get your Daddy a good Easter Egg,” Gray offered. “I reckon I better get Jack one as well, hadn’t I?” Gray hadn’t even thought.

“He is coming in two days, with Uncle Doctor and Aunty Donna,” Jacko grinned. “We have got them all Easter eggs and I have painted Uncle Doctor an Easter card at school.”

“I am sure he will love that,” Emmett nodded. “We can go and get some eggs later,” he suggested to Gray.  “When we’ve sorted out the gap under the fence.”

When Aunty Sue came home from Torchwood Jacko asked her if she could give him some money and she gave him twenty pounds as well. That meant he had eighty pounds to get Daddy the bestest Easter Egg ever.

He hid the money in his bedroom just in case Daddy found it when he put his clothes in the wash. He didn’t want his money to get washed did he? In the morning Oscar arrived to get Daddy and take him and Michael to the swimming baths.  They did special exercises with Michael to help him get his legs stronger. Normally it was when he was at school so it didn’t matter, but now it was the Easter holidays.  Grandma and Granddad were looking after him though, and Granddad was going to take him to get the Easter Egg.   He managed to get another ten pounds off Oscar for his Daddy’s Easter Egg though, and then, Oscar gave him another ten pounds so that he could get an Easter egg for Daddy from Michael as well!

As soon as Daddy had gone with Oscar and Michael to the swimming baths, he walked with Granddad up to the supermarket.  Granddad was going to go in the jeep, but Grandma said that when they were just going for an Easter egg and four pints of milk that it was too lazy and that they should walk up there. Jacko didn’t mind walking and he held Granddad’s hand and talked to him the whole way. When he got into the supermarket there was a whole shelf that was stacked from top to bottom with lots and lots of Easter eggs. They were all different colours and sizes and some of them had other sweeties with them and some were in boxes and others were just on their own and had funny faces on them.

“Which one do you want to get for Daddy then?” Granddad asked after Jacko had walked right up and down the aisle looking at all the Easter eggs.  Some of them had special yellow tickets on that said he could get three of them for ten pounds. With all the money he had been given he could get…um thirty! “What about this one?” Granddad asked as he found an Easter egg. It was a Galaxy one and that was Daddy’s favourite type of chocolate. It was quite a big one and it cost ten pounds on its own. “You could get him that one and something else if you wanted to since you have got twenty pounds,” Granddad suggested.

“Like what?”

“A DVD for you all to sit down and watch together, or a new CD with music that he likes, or…”

“What about that one, Granddad?” Jacko asked and he indicated towards a massive Easter egg that was sitting on a shelf and was wrapped in cellophane rather than being in a box.  It was really big.  He bet it was nearly as tall as Michael.  I could get that one for Daddy and a DVD for us to watch couldn’t I?”

“Well, I am not sure about that, son,” Granddad chuckled. “I bet that egg is more than twenty pounds. How much is it?” Granddad asked.

“It’s sixty four pounds and ninety nine pence,” Jacko offered.

“You can’t afford that one,” Granddad reminded him.

“I can,” Jacko nodded and grinned at his Granddad. “Look.” He put his hand in his jeans pocket and pulled out all the notes that he had been given.  They had all got screwed up in his pocket and a crumpled twenty pound note fell onto the floor. When he picked that one up he dropped two screwed up ten pound notes. “I have got a hundred pounds, Granddad.”

“A hundred?” Granddad looked at him surprised. “Where did you get all of that from?” Granddad asked and Jacko giggled. “Jack? Where did you get all the money?” Granddad asked him a little more seriously.

“Grandma, Aunty Sue, Emmett, Oscar, and you Granddad,” Jacko advised.

“Did you ask all of us for money for Daddy’s Easter egg?”

“I didn’t mean to,” Jacko offered wondering if he was going to be in trouble now.  “He didn’t mean to be in trouble.”

“How can you not mean to ask everyone for money at the same time?” Granddad asked him.

“I just wanted to get Daddy the best egg because he is the best Daddy.”

“But Daddy will think that any egg that you get him will be the best egg because you got it for him,” Granddad offered. “You don’t have to get him the biggest and most expensive egg for Daddy to love it.”

“That one isn’t the biggest,” Jacko offered as he regarded the massive Easter egg he wanted to get for Daddy.


“That one is the biggest!” Jacko pointed to an egg that was across the bottom of the aisle and was as big as he was! “I don’t think we should get Daddy that one though,” Jacko offered.


“No, if he eats that much chocolate even Daddy will feel sick.”

“Don’t you think he will feel sick if he eats that much chocolate?” Granddad asked his grandson indicating to the egg that had to be two and a half feet tall, but Jacko shook his head. “You’re brother could hide in that one.”

“It would go melty if Michael hid in it,” Jacko pouted. “Can I get him that one? I have enough money?”

“Okay,” Granddad relented. He had to give Jacko a gold star for his entrepreneurial efforts and it wasn’t as if it was so he could get something for himself.  Granddad went to get a trolley while Jacko stood guard so that no one else could buy the second biggest Easter egg. He wanted to go and get the trolley, but Granddad wouldn’t let him because last time he had pushed the trolley he had nearly run over an old lady, but, it wasn’t his fault because she had been standing in the middle of the way talking and he couldn’t see where he was going properly. Granddad put the big Easter egg in the trolley. He said he was going to have to get it delivered because he couldn’t carry it all the way home because it was too heavy.  If it was too heavy for Granddad to carry then it was lots and lots of chocolate. Jacko then went and found a DVD as well so that they could all sit and watch it while they all ate their Easter eggs.  He got a special one with two films in.  It had Happy Feet and Happy Feet 2 in it. He liked Happy Feet and so did Daddy. Michael thought it was funny and he always clapped his hands and made them happy instead of his feet.

When it was Easter Egg day Daddy thought that his egg was brilliant. It was massive. Jacko kept it a secret as to how he could buy it, but Granddad had told Grandma and she told Daddy. Daddy wasn’t sure if he thought it was funny, clever, or a little bit naughty to get everyone to give him money for his Easter egg, but he had to admit he had got the best Easter egg ever. So, that afternoon, he laid on the sofa with Jacko and Michael sitting on top of him and they all ate chocolate eggs and watched Happy Feet and then Happy Feet 2. Jacko and Michael had lots of eggs and they had a little bit from each one to make them last a long time.  Michael got his all over his face. Jacko didn’t think it was even possible, but Daddy ate all of his! When Aunty Sue came in from work, just before tea time, because she had to go to work even if it was Easter. She had brought them all another Easter egg with her and she went to give Daddy his, but Daddy just groaned as he laid on the sofa and said that he didn’t ever want to see chocolate ever again.