The Doctor squirmed uncomfortably as he followed his companions around their latest choice of destination. Cupping his chin and staring down at the floor, the Doctor refused to allow his eyes to view such filth.

The Gallifreyan walked through the gallery like a frightened horse on a frozen lake. He then stood behind his two friends and waited for them to complete their summation of whatever is what that they were looking at.

"Oh, Doctor!" Tegan said, her voice was uncharacteristically merry. "Look at this!" she practically squealed.

"I'm fine, Tegan, thank you," the Doctor said, not removing his eyes from the ironically clean floor.

"Doctor, you have to see this." Turlough said, joining Tegan in her bemusement. The Doctor froze. It was very rare that the two got along, it had to be something somewhat amusing. And so, with great reluctance, the Time Lord tore his eyes away from the floor, and looked straight ahead at an image plastered upon the Greek vase stood before him.

"Right, come along!" the Time Lord said, practically dragging his two friends from out of the museum.

"So, that's where you snuck off to when we were in Greece!" the Trionian said, his face a merry red.