TD - A Question of Easter

by unslinky [Reviews - 19]

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Everybody liked school holidays, but Jacko thought not going to school was a little bit boring.  Especially when Daddy had some work to do and he said it was going to take him two whole hours. Then they could go out and have some fun, but Jacko had to be a big boy and look after himself for two hours, while Daddy did his work. 

Aunty Sue and Granddad had gone right into Torchwood but because it was the holidays Daddy was working at home.  Working at home wasn’t a holiday! Even if it was just for two hours.  Grandma was downstairs and she was doing baby jigsaws with Michael.  Greta and Marcia had gone on a plane to get home for the holiday. Gray had to go to college, Emmett was too busy to play with him, Uncle Doctor and Captain Jack weren’t coming for another three whole days! And two hours was a long time to wait for Daddy.

He was off school because it was Easter. He knew what Easter was about now. Before he thought it was about chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits, and it still was.  He thought perhaps they were the best bits, but they had done a special lesson about Easter on the last day of school.  They had to draw and colour in Easter cards for their mummies and daddies.

He only did his big one for Daddy because Mummy was in the special hospital. He was quicker than the other boys and girls when he did writing and drawing, so he was finished in super time.  Miss Brooke gave him some more card so he did another one for Aunty Sue and then he did one for Uncle Doctor as well.

In their special lesson Miss Brooke told them about Jesus. Jacko thought it was a bit strange that he was born at Christmas and he died at Easter. Stanley was born at Christmas time and he hated it because it meant that some people bought him one present and said it was for both Christmas and for his birthday. 

He learned how Jesus was killed by being put on a cross. Miss Brooke called it being crucified. Grandma sometimes said she was going to crucify people like Daddy when they were silly, but he didn’t think Grandma had any big crosses and that would be really mean!

Jesus had died and he had been put in a cave and then he came back to life again.  Marcus (he didn’t like Marcus.  He was rude and he always took the spaceship toy during playtime so that he couldn’t play with it) said it was stupid because people couldn’t come back to life and that there was no such thing as God.  Jacko didn’t know if there was a God or not, but he did know that people could come back to life.

Jacko read the time on the clock. It was eleven minutes past nine in the morning.  That meant there was still a whole hour and forty nine minutes before Daddy finished his work and they could go out.  They were going to go out to buy Easter eggs which would be fun, but he couldn’t wait that long.

He tiptoed from the table to his Daddy’s office. He was really, really quiet and he only just looked around the side of the door to see if Daddy was really, really busy or just a little bit busy.  He looked really, really busy.  Daddy was writing on his paper and looking at his computer at the same time and was doing lots of work.  He had his glasses on and his hair was standing right up where he had been thinking hard.

“Jack?” Daddy used his voice that told him he wasn’t in trouble, but that he was still being a little bit naughty.  He had been quiet though and he was only looking and Daddy hadn’t looked at him so how did he even know he was there? “Has it been two hours yet?”

“Not yet, Daddy, but I have a question?”

“Is it stopping you from waiting?”

“Yep,” Jacko told his dad seriously. Daddy put his pen down and swivelled around in his spinny office chair.  He went right round twice before stopping so he was facing him.  “What is your question?” He peered over the top of his glasses and then took a swig of his coffee.

“Is Jesus like Captain Jack?”

Daddy spat his coffee across his desk.