1. Birthday in Vegas Pt. 1 or 'The Food Fight' [Reviews - 4] (1256 words)
Sorry if the characters aren't how they are on the television. They may be slightly off, but hey, it's a party.

2. Birthday in Vegas Pt. 2 or 'The Awkward Search Party' [Reviews - 3] (954 words)
Sorry for the shortness of it. This story's too long for my typing hands. I will most likely update near the end of next week.

3. Birthday in Vegas Pt. 3 or 'Not Vegas' [Reviews - 2] (1012 words)
Please review! I am tired of stalking my Teaspoon account all day for a review. Also, if you like, you can tell me your favorite Doctor in this story. I need writing ideas.

4. Birthday in Vegas Pt. 4 or "Confusion" [Reviews - 3] (1162 words)
Thank you for reading so far. I hope you like the story so far, and I'm sorry for the delay in updates. I'll update sooner, I promise. So...enjoy!

5. Birthday in Vegas Pt. 5 or ‘Consequences’ or ‘The Epilogue Pt. 1’ [Reviews - 3] (1060 words)
Author’s Note: Sorry for the long break. It might happen again, though, since I haven’t written the next chapter.

6. Birthday in Vegas Pt. 6 or ‘Farewells’ or ‘The Epilogue Pt. 2’ [Reviews - 2] (884 words)
That’s it then! Thanks to all the reviewers out there! Now for the sequel, Birthday in Insanity! It won’t be typed for a while. Good bye for now, readers!