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“I like this one, only it has to be blue.”

They were looking at automobile brochures. What with teaching at the University and consulting at Torchwood the Doctor was often on the move and it had become apparent that Rose’s car just wasn’t going to be enough for them.

When Rose brought up the subject, she had suggested that this car be something that could be their ‘fun car’. Something a bit sporty compared to the more sedate model that they already had, maybe even a convertible. The Doctor agreed and only with the stipulation from Rose that it be something that they were both comfortable driving, the search was on.

So far they had decided that a two-seater was ok but it had to be easy on the petrol. Rose’s suggestion of a convertible was good but they also wanted a removable hard top if at all possible. The other bells and whistles were either approved or passed over without debate, until they got to color.

“I like this one, only it has to be blue.”

“Blue?” Rose queried. “The red one has the hard top and all the options that we wanted.”

“Blue, TARDIS blue and I want plates that say TARDIS,” the Doctor was adamant.

Rose watched him for a moment before she smiled and asked, “I know you’re teaching physics at the University, but have you read up on any of this universes recent history?”

“No, not really,” the Doctor answered. “Why?”

Rose’s smile broadened. “Then you wouldn’t know about the police boxes here, would you?”

Now he really looked puzzled. “What about them?”

“They were red.”


They still got the TARDIS blue convertible.