Other People's Pets

by ABadPlanWellExecuted [Reviews - 128]

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1. How Much is that Dalek in the Window? [Reviews - 17] (583 words)
Absolutely cracktacular! I have three dramatic, romantic, angsty fics half-written that I should really get finished, but I have a cold, so this is what you get instead. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who, but I wish I did. Also, I'd sort of like a pet Dalek.

2. Wouldn't You Rather Have a Nice Pretty Boy? [Reviews - 4] (415 words)

3. Jelly for Octopuses [Reviews - 6] (637 words)
Just a note for my fellow Americans -- the Internet informs me that jelly is what the Brits call Jell-O. What we call jelly, they call jam. (It occurs to me that writing fanfics for a British TV show is sort of like navigating a parallel world. Whee!)

4. He's Everywhere You Wanna Be! [Reviews - 4] (578 words)

5. My DNA is Your DNA [Reviews - 10] (354 words)
This is the chapter that inspired the rest of the fic.

6. Paranoia and You [Reviews - 8] (1424 words)
This chapter's all a bit Acme...I dunno...

7. Necessitating the Removal of Gloves [Reviews - 6] (696 words)

8. Enter Jack [Reviews - 5] (496 words)

9. Enter Jackie [Reviews - 5] (1082 words)

10. And I Want You Home By Midnight [Reviews - 15] (1759 words)
Waaait a minute…this isn’t crack—it’s fluff! What. The. Hell! (Ooh, Crack!Fluff!!!)

11. Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make [Reviews - 7] (619 words)
Sorry this took so long... In other news, the next chapter will be the finale! (There may be, however, an epilogue...)

12. Pedro to the Rescue [Reviews - 6] (988 words)
Did I ever mention that Dalek mucus has a pH of 2.4? Coincidentally, so does your garden variety white vinegar. (Also, please forgive my shameless pandering to the gods of continuity.)

13. The Seriously Disturbing Epilogue [Reviews - 14] (846 words)
This should never have been written. Seriously, folks, product of a diseased mind right here. You probably shouldn’t read it…but if you do, just remember: it's crack…so, fair warning, OK?

I’d also like to say thanks to all the people who read and reviewed – it has been so much fun to write this story for you, and you have all fed my addiction beautifully!

14. The Post-Epilogue Epilogue [Reviews - 21] (1802 words)
Written as a birthday present for helplesslynerdy, Pedro's official curator. Also, my apologies. Again.