Alone Time.

by K9118 [Reviews - 1]

  • All Ages
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  • Humor

Sarah quickly locked the door as the Doctor banged his fists on it in furious anger. "Sarah!" he yelled harshly "You let us out of here this instant!"

Sarah stifled a laugh as Harry's reasonable voice floated through the metal doors. The Doctor hated that voice. "Look, Sarah, old girl, be reasonable and let the good Doctor and me out of here, now there's a good dear."

"Look, I just think you two should learn to get along better. You'll only be in there for an hour or so!" Sarah said, her voice rising so as for the two to hear her.

The Doctor's voice answered her, somewhat less angered. "Well, perhaps I've not been the most hospitable to our friend here....Very well."

That had been almost exactly an hour ago, and Sarah rose from her chair in the TARDIS library to go and unlock the door. Turning the key in the lock and opening it, Sarah was shocked to find Harry garroting the Doctor with his very own scarf.

"Sarah, old girl, it's not what it looks like."